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Kansas City Connections: A Local Business Podcast

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Kansas City Connections is a local business podcast in Kansas City to help spotlight entrepreneurs and executives in the area and connect the bright minds of our community.

Join us each episode to hear how these business owners and executives manage their companies, how they overcome present challenges, and how they plan to thrive in the future.

Your host is Steve Hoover, owner of Wealth Partners Corporation.

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Recent Episodes

Ep 7: Everything Drywall: How One Multi-Faceted Company Combated COVID-19

Nov 1, 2020

Today we have a chat with the Vice President of KCG Incorporated, Jeff Butts. Like many companies, KCG has had to adjust in order to get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Steve talks to Jeff about how the pandemic has affected the drywall industry, what they have done to combat the effect, and what changes might be here to stay.


Ep 6: Kim Wells

Oct 1, 2020

Kim Wells is the National Marketing Director of Juice Plus. The primary goal of Juice Plus is to inspire healthy living around the world. It can be difficult to get the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in, so they created products to help people fill in those nutritional gaps. Steve talks to Kim about how she got involved with Juice Plus and what separates them from other supplement companies.


Ep 5: Mike Bryant

Sep 3, 2020

Mike Bryant is the owner of his own heating and air conditioning company that serves Olathe and the greater Kansas City area. Steve talks with Mike about the technological advances in the HVAC industry and the importance of sticking to what you know.


Ep 4: Dr. Kerry Johnson

Aug 20, 2020

Dr. Kerry Johnson is an MBA, Ph.D business psychologist. Dr. Johnson is a best-selling author who has written 14 books and is a widely known public speaker. In his practice, he helps business owners find where they want to go, what their obstacles are, and he sets up pathways in order to keep them accountable. Steve and Dr. Johnson discuss some effective methods for client care and also being able to meet people’s needs when pitching a product.


Ep 3: Carstar Metcalf with Steve Hahn

Jul 30, 2020

Steve Hahn owner of Carstar Metcalf joins us on this week’s podcast. Carstar has around 27 insurance partners and if one of their clients get in an accident, Carstar will get a call, give them an estimate, and then repair what is damaged. Steve tells us why Carstar stands out from the competition and his opinion on the private equity firm that oversees Carstar.


Ep 2: Senior Care Consulting with Steve Kuker

Jul 16, 2020

We invite Steve Kuker to the podcast this week. Steve is the founder of Senior Care Consulting. His business helps families find the right senior care community for their loved ones. We discuss the rising trend of long term care and how Senior Care Consulting takes care of their clients.


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