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State Of The Markets

Apr 28, 2022

On this episode, Steve will discuss some top issues in the current financial landscape. He will go over rising interest rates, inflation, and wages.


Planning For Things We Can’t Predict

Mar 24, 2022

There are certain things in life we just can’t predict. If we knew the answers to some of these questions, planning for retirement would sure be a lot easier. So let’s see how you go about constructing a plan that addresses the kinds of questions to which you can’t possibly know the answers.


Market Update – Oil & Ukraine

Mar 3, 2022

Many investors are concerned about market volatility because of the Russia and Ukraine conflict that is going on. Steve will discuss some of the impacts that this event has had on the stock market and inflation.


Don’t Fumble Your Retirement In The Financial Red Zone

Jan 27, 2022

In football, teams are extra careful not to make a mistake when they get within about 20 yards of scoring points (known as the Red Zone). They’ve typically worked hard to get to that point and don’t want to cost themselves by throwing an interception or fumbling the ball and giving it to the other team. On this episode, we’ll explore the financial equivalent of the Red Zone and discuss how you can really mess things up if you’re not careful during this phase of your life. If you’re approaching retirement, this is a fundamental conversation you won’t want to miss.


Money Resolutions For 2022

Dec 21, 2021

You might not be able to follow through on all of these resolutions, but implement even just a few of these and you’ll be well on your way to a more prosperous financial life in the coming year.


What To Do When Losing A Loved One

Nov 23, 2021

During this time of year when family is around and top of mind, it might be time to talk about what to do when we pass on. This is certainly a difficult conversations to have, but Steve will share some insight from his 25 years in the industry and some ways to navigate this topic. Steve will also be offering a complimentary white paper, or download to help you with these steps in an easy to understand format.


Inflation Issues

Oct 28, 2021

It’s Halloween time and you go to get candy only to pay more at the pump and in the candy isle. On this episode, we discuss if the inflation we are seeing is transitory and how it has affected our current economy.


Spotting Red Flags In Your Finances

Sep 10, 2021

Depending on your answers, the questions we cover on today’s show might raise red flags about your finances. We’ve got the top 5 on this episode to look at.


Are You Protected From This Retirement Threat?

Jul 29, 2021

Accidents happen as we all know, but is your retirement safe from a lawsuit should you be deemed at fault? Steve shares his thoughts and a story about how to protect your retirement from the very plausible accident lawsuit.


Mailbag: Is A Tax-Free Retirement Feasible?

Jun 24, 2021

This week we catch up on some great questions from listeners to the podcast. We cover the differences between a Roth and 401(k), keeping capital gains taxes low, and much more.


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